Hospital waiting rooms

Finished a journal page while waiting to see my Oncologist

I was really proud of myself yesterday for finishing a whole entire page of my journal while waiting in the hospital cafe. I was very nervous and so working on my journaling really helped my anxiety a lot. As well as I love to journal on the go, with my trusty bag full of journaling supplies. The noise doesn’t worry me and I can pretty much block it out anyway.

Mum started to knit a baby jumper while I journaled to my heart’s content. I am never one of those people who can simply sit and do nothing at all. I am always writing or sticking stuff into my journals or maybe planning layouts for my journal pages. I can not sit still for a second, always on the go.

I used some coffee sticky notes and little stickers from my Stickii subscription I get in the mail every month from California in USA. Since I had just finished a delightful chai latte with my lunch. I have funnily enough gotten used to hospital waiting rooms and visits over the years, especially since been diagnosed with cancer in 2007.

I also journaled about the Subi area where my family and I went a lot too when I was a child. So that all went into my journal page as well. It is always something, when I start to write in my journal about anything and usually ends up with little other stuff popping into my page.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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