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Currently I am reading a book by Samara O’Shea called Note and self on my e-reader, and thoroughly enjoying her many comments about journaling, and what it means to her through her life. It has been rather weird to read on my phone a book, but it is also great to be able to store all my favourite books in one place. I am obsessed with books about journaling and just writing in general. I also have been collecting books about devotionals as well and feel that is helping me with my bible studies as well as understanding the scriptures too.

What I have taken away from many journaling books is that there is no hard or fast rule to keeping or writing a journal. You pretty much can start whenever or wherever you chose, and can pick what you write and when you will write. I prefer daily and yet somebody else might prefer a couple times a year, or maybe once a month. It is really up to you and I really like that flexibility you can have.

One of the other journaling books that I have been reading is Creative journal writing by Stephanie Dowrick. This one of my favourite books that currently lives in my journaling bag, it has notes written throughout and ideas in margins of pages. I feel as if the author is a close friend now that I have been carrying the book around for months. There are just some books that come along that pains me to ever completely finish them, and Creative Journal Writing is certainly one of them.

I love how both authors let you read some of their own journal entries, and aren’t shy about tackling sticky situations, that both have written in their journals. I feel akin to them both, because like me they started writing when they were young girls, and are still writing today. Yes they have had breaks, but like me are now more than happy to be quietly journaling away every day.

Journaling books also help you find a jump off place to try out exercises and like me trying yo bring some more depth into journaling writing. Those two would be my top ten easily, and I would recommend them to anybody starting out with journaling either as a hobby, or just wanting to record your own daily life.

Happy journaling everyone

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

5 thoughts on “Journaling books

  1. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Happy Journaling, Kylie! Would you believe that even though I consider myself a journaler, I haven’t read many books about journaling? Note and self & Creative journal writing sound like great books to read on the topic. Thank you for recommending them! I also agree that “there is no hard or fast rule to keeping or writing a journal”. There’s so much freedom for creativity when journaling. 💖💖💖

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