Sunday arvo

A little magazine reading

Today has been a lot cooler than yesterday’s 40°c +day where I think I simply hid away from it all. Now I am currently reading some of my favourite magazines; Breathe, Calm and The Simple things. They help me relax and chill out, a lovely finish to the weekend as well. I love all the articles they write as well that totally get me and about subjects such as journaling, unplugging and living a simpler way of life. Very poignant for today’s world.

Now I am catching up on some blog posts and journaling in general, before a little afternoon tea and wind down before evening settles in. There is a real change in the air, that Spring is on the wane and Summer is pretty much settling in for the next couple of months. I wonder what will the new season bring ? It may not be my favourite season, but I do enjoy the long days of daylight and stunning sunsets we get over the Indian ocean.

The searing heat though is not one of my favourite parts of Summer, especially when it reaches 40°c for more than a day at a time. Oh well to each their own I guess. Anyway sea breeze is in, and I am happy sitting by my fan, with the window open ever so slightly to catch the breeze.

I am not sure why, but reading always seems to be a very relaxing way to spend your time doing. You can pretty much do it anywhere and at anytime at all. Chilled out and watched Escape to the Chateau with Ash on 94life channel. I love seeing what Angel and Dick get up to with their Chateau, and Angel always doing some really lovely renovations or artsy crafty things to one of the many rooms.

And yes arvo has turned into early evening and now night time. My hair is freshly washed, and of course can not do anything with it, at the moment either. I think I need my colour touched up as well, another job for the to do list I guess. Anyway time to chill before going to bed…

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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