Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury at Live Aid
I want it all filming in London
Princes of the Universe
I am going slightly mad

Today the 24th November marks the passing of one most amazing and charismatic singer, of all time in my opinion. We lost Freddie Mercury to complications with AIDS after he lapsed into a coma and passed away. He fought to the end and only 24 hours before his passing announced to the world that he had the cruel and devastating illness.

I remember the day in 1991 as if it was yesterday, when it was announced all the radio stations and news media played Queen songs nonstop. It was a shock after finding out Freddie Mercury had the cruel disease that defined the 1980’s only hours before. But hey in true Mercury fashion he went out not as a whimper, but a supernova, shooting star.

I was in my late teens and had lived through the most devastating period in modern medical history. I am not sure of the entire figures, but I know for a fact it wiped out entire communities of young men, and other people as well. Blood transfusions, unsafe sex and sharing needles were the typical way of catching the disease. But I feel the cruelest thing was that it was an illness that appeared to sneak up and in Mercury’s time was often fatal once developed into full blown AIDS. And then like many others with the illness the common cold could kill you.

Freddie Mercury however in his true spirit and strength instead of crying and asking why me, went onto record and write many songs and a wealth of material with Queen. He told only those who he trusted, and like the song Brian May wrote for him, the show must go on, Freddie had a smile that stayed on. He went through hell and back, but somehow found an unrelenting will to keep carrying on.

Today yes is sad, but I feel also very much so that Freddie Mercury made a great impact on the world, and certainly in my life, that instead of tears, although there will be some, instead, I will put his music on Spotify and have a marathon of Mercury love. I am certain, although unfortunately I never met him, that he would want us to celebrate his life, and maybe raise a glass to salute his passing.

For nobody could ever say Freddie Mercury was anything but himself, he loved life to the extreme, and certainly we should take a leaf out of his book. Live our lives, and maybe dance a little along to Queen on our stereo. Focus on a life lived, and less on cruel fate that befell Freddie Mercury at the end.

A quote from Freddie Mercury

We all know that the Freddie Mercury we saw on stage was a persona, that behind that strong front man, was also a very shy and kind person. And I will be thinking about him a lot today, and saying a little prayer that he has finally found the peace, where he didn’t have it in life.

Rest in peace Freddie Mercury

Filming Breakthru film clip

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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