Summer time bucket list

Summer time is very nearly upon us here in Perth Western Australia. It maybe not be my favourite season, not liking the warmer days, but Summer always means long endless days with many possibilities.
Life is often more laidback than usual and we all get a well deserved break from school and from work.

So I thought why not do a Summer bucket list, so I can do things that make my Summer better, as well as make memories for the future. We can not have too many of those happening for sure.

Summer bucket list 2019-2020

• Enjoy a walk along the beach at  sunset with my Bestie.
Take a road trip out of the city and enjoy some down time in the country.
Journal daily during my Summer holiday break.
Spending time with my family and close friends.
Plan days without an set plan at all.
Live in the present moment, and neither in the past or future time.
Enjoy Christmas with it’s true meaning.
Have fun with the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s before we break up for Summer holidays.
Be a tourist in my own hometown.
Hang out in my favourite coffee shops.
Drink a lot of iced tea with those cute little colourful umbrellas.
Laugh a lot and carefree manner.
Make myself a postcard junk journal.
Dig out my Traveller’s Notebooks and read them.
Use up my crafty stash in journal spreads.
Finish cleaning up my crafty stash.
Walk barefooted more.
Get myself a jar and put little notes in it over the Summer, to read only when Autumn comes around again.
Buy more postcards to swap in Postcrossing.
Continue filling out my Gratitude journal, finding comfort in the small things.
Take more photos.

Well that is my Summer bucket list for now, I think there may be many more things to add too the list. And not everything can be neatly ticked off. Sometimes life just needs to be lived and worried about afterwards.
Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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