Hot day

Well today has been a real scorching hot day, and got to over 40Β°c + temperatures wise. At school we ended up having the kids come inside in the air con and play. It really wasn’t wise at all for anybody to be outside in that kind of heat.

The rest of the school, they even closed the oval, and basketball courts due to the heat. We really wanted to keep our students cool and well. I guess you could say today was a real Summer’s day indeed.

Plenty of water was drunk by the kids and air con was on fully to keep everyone cool and comfortable. It had been also a warm night, and so a lot of the kids were tired from lack of sleep. Probably the only drawback of the really hot days and nights where it is hard to sleep through.

Looks like we are in for this weather, for the rest of the week. And so trying to keep cool, will be the main object for me.

Here is hoping you all out there in the blogosphere enjoy the rest of your week ? No matter what weather you maybe having.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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