Tidy up desk

After the tidy up
Before tidy up

I have been just printing out photos, from Sprocket printer, and thought why not tidy up my desk as well. So that is exactly what I did, and even though it is a slight change, it is a change all the same. And I am so happy for a lot more room on my desk as well. Kinda reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s essay called a Room of One’s own. Everybody no matter how big or small need a creative space to call their very own, and my desk is that place. Now more tidied that before and so I can create a little magic for myself and the rest of the Journaling community.

Today has been cool after almost a week of temperatures over 35°c everyday. It even rained which was so welcome indeed for me anyway. And so I took the chance to print out my photos, because it’s not ideal when it is quite hot. I hope to use my desk more now, that the light us much better, and able to take better pictures of my journal pages.

Yes this post seems all over the place, but I am writing it by the seat of my pants as they say in the NaNoWri challenge I completed for the first time last month. Alas I did not hit the target word count, but did give it a good shot and found my love of writing yet again. Something that never would of happened if I hadn’t jumped in and signed up for NaNoWri challenge.

Now I am blogging as well as reading a book, by author Fiona Mc Intosh called “The Diamond Hunter” it has so far been a great read. I think I have probably read most of her books, and she is so easy to curl up with, and escape into Africa where I am now. I simply needed today after a long week to chill out and read.

I did get a bargain at Spotlight and also my folks and I hit a couple of Op shops and enjoyed a lovely homemade burgers for lunch at the Serenity cafe in Myaree. Yes more stuff for my desk you could say, and yes you would be very right indeed.

I don’t however buy into the expression about tidy desk, tidy mind, because that ain’t me at all. My desk could be neat as a pin, and my mind would still be an utter mess. I do like to spread out when I work and yes some things get out of place, but tidying it all up before bed is a ritual to me. Kinda like when you turn your phone off at night before you settle down to sleep. Just one of my many quirks that make me, Me.

Anyway Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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