Sea breeze is in

It has been a pretty hot couple of days, and it has been blissfully for today and yesterday afternoon, having a sea breeze cool not only the day, but also the house down. Sleeping with the window open has been divine, sleeping at all has been heaven, and you realize not too take it for granted at all.

Today has been only 25°c which has been absolutely heaven. It rained yesterday and yes I stayed out in it, even when it started to pour. I simply adore the rain and the ocean too. Start of school holidays today for me and spent the morning by the Swan river in East Fremantle at the Dome cafe. The Teachers we worked with this school year, took us out too breakfast as a Thank you for all our help and support in 2019.

I loved hearing the splash of the water lapping up upon the river bank and j just being on the water as well. 5he breeze was strong all day not only in East Fremantle, but when I got home later in the morning.

I am hoping to spend some time by the water, and especially with my feet in the cool sand. Holidays are here, and I am soaking up all of the precious memories, and moments indeed. Life is meant to be lived and also enjoyed beyond anything else.

The sea breeze is very much part of Fremantle, as well being called the Freo Doctor, affectionately by locals and tourists alike. It is shaping up to be hotter tomorrow, but the cooler weather was nice while it lasted.

Enjoy your day

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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