Journaling time

I am spending a lot of time journaling lately, and since I have started the practice of getting up earlier in the morning, it has seen my journaling becoming deeper, and less surface stuff. I also have found my coping skills, and stress levels seem even, because I journal when I am stressed, as much as when things are going smoothly in my life. Journaling has become a very important part of my not only life, but I actually love to write about my life too.

It has also helped my Blog as well, because a lot of what I blog about also turns up regularly in my journals as well. I have grown not only as a person, but also as a writer and I feel daily journaling has helped that a lot. I think it is good to write in my journal and helps me get to know myself and what I want out of my life. I feel too many people do not know themselves, and what they want from life in general, and that is so very sad to even consider.

I had a breakthrough somewhat the other day writing a letter from myself now, to my 33year old self. That just happened to be the year I was diagnosed with cancer, very emotional time for me and a very bleak future ahead of me. I was able from my 45years old self to reassure, that scared 32years old diagnosed with cancer, that it would work out in the end. It would be long, hard and very difficult, but that I would get through it and out the other side. I can not tell you, how emotionally hard it was to write this letter to my past self.

I did it, and afterwards I felt a weight lift from not only my shoulders, but also from my heart and soul. A weight I had no idea was still weighing me down years later. Journaling helped me reflect deeper, to help heal myself, of a past event, that had made a dent in my psyche. After I wrote the letter in my journal, I closed it up and went onto something else. It wasn’t right to read straight away what I had written, maybe some other day, and maybe there will never be the right time to reread it. The point was that I wrote the words and it healed my soul in a way I had never ever felt before.

So after that experience, my journaling time has a special meaning as well as being, critical time for me to spend with myself. Writing has become a saviour of sorts and I am going to keep doing it every day from now until my last breath.

I can not wait till the end of the week, when I get to spend endless days journaling and writing for as long as I want too. No school or work for a couple of weeks, will be heaven for me indeed.

Anyway happy journaling to you all out there in the blogosphere.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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