End of the week and instead of sunny Summer skies we woke today to rain and cold weather. Whatever is happening to Perth weather at the moment ? Not sure what to make of it, neither I am complaining, at least it isn’t hot.
So Friyay started with finding a jumper to wear out today. I went up to the city for some shopping, and to hang out with my Mum and Ash. And as our train came into the city, Perth’s skyline was covered in dark rain clouds.
Despite the rain, it was a great day to wander about the city and enjoy myself being out and about. Being my holidays it was great to get out of the house, and take a look out at the world.
I got a few bargains, a Kikki K planner for $30AUD which was over half price. I had a lovely chicken burger, and managed to get some amazing sticker sheets from Reject shop. I also got some photo paper for my Sprocket printer, as well as buying a new Sprocket plus printer as a new toy.
Mum, Ash and I had lunch together and talked as well as people watched while we sat in Trinity food court.
Catching the train was fun as always, I love to travel by train, and have done since I was a child. A lot of people going into the city not to just work, but also to look around as well. Many young families as well out enjoying the new year in Perth.
The Christmas decorations are still up and so they were lovely to see and magical even though it wasn’t night time you could still enjoy them. Being the big kid I am anyway. Being a rainy day helped the mood as well, it felt like Christmas indeed.
Anyway really enjoying my holiday break and really enjoyed an unseasonal rainy day in the city.
Now chilling at home.
Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox
Hopefully Summer conditions will return ?

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