Daphne’s diary

Look what I found at the Newsagent in Garden city
To do lists
Weekly spreads
Habit trackers

I got this lovely Daphne’s diary on Monday from my shopping day out at Garden city. It is an amazing diary that I have already been using and loving all the little cute illustrations and to do lists within the weekly spreads. I simply adored the front cover and all the colours throughout the diary itself. It is something for me to use daily and write all my little bits and bobs. I can also add my own touches and stationery supplies as well.

I got it for around $23AUD and felt since it was the only one there it was meant to be mine. I can not wait to share my year within it’s colourful pages. Pretty pages to go with my daily appointments and little moments of enjoyment in life.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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