Australia burning

Brave Firefighters

As I write this blog post, most of Australia has burnt or is burning from bushfires across this fair land. It has been the worst in my personal history of fire, and also how widespread the bushfires have been. It really seems like there is no end in sight of this massive disaster, but in true Aussie spirit we endure and do not give up the fight. I feel very helpless from my home here in Perth, Western Australia. My prayers go out to these amazing Men and Women who are currently fighting these awful fires all over this beautiful land of ours.

The highways out of Western Australia have been closed, and so effectively we are cut off from the rest of Australia. Many animals native to Australia have been lost in the fires and it seems gone forever. It seems hard to see the end in sight, but I know we will prevail and will rebuild.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to my Uncle and Aunt who live over East. They are safe, but have no power at the moment, like many on the East coast of Australia. It is times like this where you truly and deeply thank God for family and friends around you. I may not see my Uncle and Aunt all the time, but they are very much part of my childhood wallpaper and so they mean the world to me. Please pray for them and all the others who have been caught up in this tragedy.

Australia burning

It is so very painful to see the land of your birth completely burning itself out. What can I say, or do, but sit here and write my blog post, and show the world, what is indeed happening, in Australia.

Please join me in prayers for all of Australia πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Kitty-Kat xox

5 thoughts on “Australia burning

  1. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Hi Kylie, I’m so sorry this is happening! I’m glad to hear you’re safe! You were in my thoughts today when I found out what was happening. (I’m rarely up to date with the news). Australia and your uncle and aunt are in my prayers! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    with love ❀️,

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  2. Tazzie says:

    Hi may I just reassure you that Australia is not burning all over. It is true there are huge areas that are burning and other fires have been happening since September. So please be aware that there are many areas very large areas that are not burning. I do not mean to take anything away from any areas that are impacted and there are over 2000 homes destroyed. I just wish to encourage you to be aware that it is not good yet it is not all burning.


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