Day out at Fremantle

Tourist wheel Fremantle

Today I thought, what a lovely day to go off to Fremantle, and just act like a tourist in my own hometown. I had an absolute ball, went on the Ferris wheel ride, spent time at Bather’s beach and had fish ‘n’ Chips for lunch. What a great day out, as well as beautiful weather here in the West coast of Australia. Sometimes I just like to decide to do something just a little different. Besides I wanted to do something else rather than shop, I know heaven forbid I don’t shop for a day 😁😁😁

Selfie on top of Ferris wheel ride

I had coffee in the Railway carriage cafe on the Fremantle Esplanade when I first got to Freo, as my usual Chai latte. Before taking a walk amongst the Norfolk pine trees at the Esplanade, which is a lovely park, most kids who live around Freo end up at one time or another. It is so very green and shady place a lot of locals go too and simply sit down and enjoy the scenery. It also has a great children playground and skate park and so popular with all ages. Being Summer holidays it is a place that is free for the children to go and enjoy themselves in for awhile.

We have a huge Ferris wheel called “Tourist wheel” and so today I thought why not have a go. And so I did it and even though it did at first scare me, by the end of the ride I was enjoying myself a lot indeed. The views from the Ferris wheel were absolutely amazing, and I got some awesome photos and videos, as well as simply sat back and enjoyed the ride. I don’t think I have ever seen Fremantle like that before at all. I loved seeing the wharf and cranes on one side, and then on the other Fishing boat harbour and all the way out into the Indian ocean and Garden Island. Once I got over my fear it was like I truly was flying, and felt so amazing and exciting all at once.

Fremantle from the Ferris wheel
Coming closer to the ground
Accidental selfie from Ferris wheel ride

The operators of the Ferris wheel were so lovely, and let me have another ride no charge at all. I was also the first ride of the day which was kind of exciting as well. And so if you are in Fremantle I highly recommend giving it a go for sure.

Bather’s beach Freo Childhood

After my Ferris wheel ride, I then went and spent some time at Bather’s beach, which was a favourite haunt as a child growing up in Fremantle. It is a quaint little beach that isn’t too rough for Children to swim and mess about in. It’s right in Fremantle itself which means a favourite with locals and tourists alike. There is also many restaurants around and other spots such as Round house and museums. The beach is also close to the wharf and fishing boat harbour.

Swimmers enjoying early swim
Sand dunes and Round house
Indian ocean view

After spending some time simply listening to the waves and enjoying the sea breeze off the water. It was time for some refreshments at the Bather’s beach cafe where I had another Chai latte and did some journaling as well. Before enjoying fish’n’chips lunch and a lovely cold Pepsi max. All the while looking out over the beach, and watching the children playing around in the surf. It was wonderful indeed. The food was delicious and I just about rolled out of the restaurant afterwards. And would definitely go back again.

Chai latte
A little bit of journaling this morning
A tall glass of Pepsi max
Fish’n’chips lunch

What a day it has been and as I write about it now back home, it feels like a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I simply went to Fremantle today. I hope you enjoy this blog post and my photos, and sending everybody a little sunshine into the blogosphere 😘

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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