Notes from the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s room

Well it’s week two of our school year, and slowly routines, are happening and children are settling into class. I am getting my head around new times for recess and lunch as well as switching classrooms, it is all good and you can only laugh and have a smile on your face. Life as a Educational assistant is always different and no two days are the same. I am loving seeing all the Kindy’s from last year now return as Pre-Primary’s, how much they have certainly grown and matured.

I am exhausted after school, but it is a good tired, and I am challenged every day by something new. I guess what I am saying is never a dull moment in my life as an Education assistant at a local primary school. Today we taught the Kindy’s tall man, tall man with rainbow colours in paint, they loved it. Any painting well do, the Kindy’s enjoy it all.

Pre-Primary’s did so well today with cutting job, and nobody lost any fingers when the Kindy’s handled scissors either for the first time, for some. The classroom still looked like a war zone, but was packed up by home time and everybody was accounted for too. Life is sweet but hectic in Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s rooms.

My Bestie is in another class as well this year, and so that is hard only seeing her, here and there. But we still have car ride home and waffles too. Change is good and keeps me on my toes, and at least my Bestie and I still work at the same school.

The photocopier has been behaving itself, but gets quite a workout at our school. Usually a good meeting place for staff, and better than any water cooler I can see. I sometimes feel a lot of things get solved waiting for the photocopier in the morning. A hub of activity for sure.

Outdoors play area is popular with the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s lots of things to do with dinosaurs, dolls and trikes to ride about. It is still warm, but cooler days as well.

I guess that is all for now, from the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s classroom for now. And hope you all have an awesome week out there in the blogosphere.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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