Stormy weather

We have been getting rather humid weather here in Perth, Western Australia and so for the past week or so it has been thunderstorms everyday. So that has been a big change from sunny skies and searing heat of Summer. Funny enough Summer ends tomorrow 29th February, and then Autumn will be , however Summer won’t go willingly and so hot weather will prevail for a little while more.
I am so over Summer with this hot and humid weather about, roll on rainy days and jumpers please. And so yes it has been some time since my last Blog post, not much is happening, just work with the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s and sleep when I can. I have nearly completed my Summer junk journal, and so look for a blog post about that coming very soon. Everybody is settling into class really well and all their personalities are coming out for sure. The storms have been very loud and very bright, and the rain has been a God send indeed.

Anyway ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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