Summer junk journal

Loving my journal

I am so proud of myself not only have I completed my Summer junk journal project, I am also putting it on my social media platforms, as well as here on my Blog. It has been three months of documenting my Summer 2019-2020 with loads of funny times and just very unreal times as well.

The last bit was my Queen+Adam Lambert concert and stay over at Crown towers Perth. It has been pretty humid lately and so haven’t had much chance to print out all my photos from my Sprocket printer. Being a public holiday Monday great time to catch up my memory keeping and journaling as well.

A page from my junk journal

I am so obsessed with converse sneakers that I had several pages in my junk journal devoted to them, and your feet in general. After all your feet do carry you around all your time here on earth. They deserved to be made a fuss of and so I did just that.

I simply adore this Christmas card, even though we celebrate Christmas during our Summertime.

I had to include this Christmas card because it was so cute and put a smile on my face. And I guess that was what this whole junk journal was about, not just documenting this Summer, but in a way every Summer I have celebrated in my entire life.

Day trip to Freo

One of my highlights over Summer break, was my day trip to Freo my hometown you could say. And going on the Ferris wheel as well really made my day. Scary but fun all rolled into one experience indeed. Looking at the shops and spending time at Bather’s beach was awesome and really brought back happy memories of my childhood and times gone by.

Watermelon no fruit says Summer like this does.

Watermelon has been a great part of my Summer this year, more so than other Summers before. Maybe because it has been so very juicy and refreshing on these awful and humid days lately ? Or because it just screams Summer to me full stop ? Either way it has been the fruit of choice this season anyway.

Photography has become a big passion of mine over the Summertime as well.

I have rediscovered my passion for photography again and I feel my journaling has been a big part of that happening. Something I am truly grateful for and hope to keep on going for quite some time still. I come from a family of photographers and feel that I am carrying on a heritage somewhat. A photograph can say much more than words sometimes, although it should never take from really living the experience though, more help make it sweeter.

Queen concert tickets
Beautiful places
Grateful moments
Queen concert memories
Cafe times

So many happy moments over the Summer alas now Autumn is here to stay. And I can not wait to see what she will uncover for me. Another journal to make and hope to share you all the lovely times in this season as well.

Thank you Summer for all the colours and hues you brought to my life and world for the three months you were here.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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