Mad Wednesday

Today was a really whirlwind day of Kindy going to library, and yes we made it around a corner without losing any children. Now if only those silly poles would stop jumping out at my Kindy’s and life would be sweet indeed. We did some pictures of what they like to do with their families, some were really quite impressive indeed.

Computing was great and some of the Pre-Primarys are starting to come along with typing their name out. Slow process but hey they will get their in the end. Swapping from Kindy to Pre-Primary’s students is always fun and off to music after Computing. Never a dull moment at school what so ever.

Finished pictures and edicol dyed them yellow which brighten their crayon drawings rather well I feel. Practiced their ripping skills with Teacher today, always a hard fine motor skill to develop and one they need to be able to do.

Tidy up and getting bags ready for home time is rather busy with classes moving back over and drink bottles to be found, not to mention lunch boxes to be put in bags and notes to go home. All a bit of a rush, but that is school life down here in Kindy and Pre-Primary’s classrooms.

PD after school and catch up with Bestie which always makes me smile. Rather tired but hey need to keep focused a little bit longer I guess. That is my Wednesday in a nutshell for sure.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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