Self-isolation day one

Well it has come to the fact that I need to protect my own health with this pandemic. And so now started today self-isolation after finishing work yesterday. It was hard and very sad for myself and those who I work with, but my own safety was above all paramount.

So far I am keeping my spirits up and sense of humour as well. It is simply a precaution, and I would rather do this than end up getting any complications from the virus which because of my low immunity from Chemotherapy in the past. So I aim to keep on smiling and going with it as best as I can.

Great in the fact that I can journal and blog to my heart’s content, so you will probably be getting a lot more post from me here. Sorry in advance if it gets a little silly on my blog, and cabin fever sets in faster than normal. I am a pretty highly strung person and so I never do things like everyone else, I like to break the mould and write my very own rules.

So from me to you adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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