Everywhere is so very still and ever so peaceful and makes a change from the go go of our world. I still am getting used to the slower pace of life. But a little adjustments and I feel happier than ever before, maybe in years. Possibly because I don’t feel the weight of the world no longer on my shoulders. I am feel from overwhelming sadness that I used to feel, almost crippling the last couple of months. Now the world appears to right itself and we all are calming down from 24/7 lifestyle.

I am listening to my favourite music and the sounds of nature outside my open window. No people on the streets make it feel so beautiful indeed. Nature has become the star of the show. The season is turning and it feels like we are going into a natural hibernation of sorts. We are now in Autumn here in Perth,Western Australia and time to simply slow down and watch the clouds jet across the blue sky. Leaves are falling and the chill in the air hangs ever more around than it used too.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

4 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Shell Vera says:

    Are these your photographs? They are beautiful! I’m with Renee, above. It blows my mind to think as we are barely finishing winter that somewhere in the world people are enjoying Fall! Oh my!


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