Self-isolation day six

I sit and relax after having a very productive morning, cleaning shower screen and bath. I talked to a group of my close friends on our What’s up app group. We solved the world’s problems with a lot of chocolate and giggles as always. It helps me feeling alone during this weird time in the world at present.

I had a cuppa as well as simply read a magazine and listened to the radio, of course playing 80’s music. I listened to the leaves swaying in the breeze, and birds chirping as well as the quietness around me. I am still and yet it doesn’t matter that I haven’t gone out in days.

I go outside and wander about, but mainly only see my family that is all. Life goes on funny that may seem, and we adapt slowly to these new way of going about our daily lives. I miss my students and fellow workers, but it isn’t forever just a little while longer.

I have read a few books, and also almost filled my Faith journal too the brim. I spent some time with the Lord and wrote a lot of my concerns and fears. I walked away freer in a way and lighter too. I can not control what happens from now on, but I can continue to smile and bring laughter about the world.

I wonder how you all out there in the blogosphere are doing ?

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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