Self-isolation day seven

Well still here and still smiling but of course. I am currently watching my favourite YouTube journal channels and very much excited when a new one is uploaded to see. It’s hard but not impossible, it just takes some getting used too that is all.

Love this quote from @theburneddiary
On Instagram 💗💗💗

It seems silly that you feel more tired being home, than when out at work. I feel too it is also probably anxiety levels, that cause the tiredness in us. Such as life, I found to go with the flow makes life a lot easier too cope with.

Cloudy day today, my favourite kind, mainly because I can not get enough watching clouds go by. Funny the inner child within me coming out for sure.

Yes sorry for all the cloud pics from photo library but couldn’t just choose one. I love a good cloud photo 😍

Life is going on as normal as possible and I feel most people are doing the right thing. Scientists are hard at work to find vaccine and all Doctors and Nurses are looking after the sick. Thank you so much for your dedication and care to those workers. As well as shout out to other essential workers world-wide we would not be able to function without you all.

Started new journal so that is exciting for me anyway. Writing a lot about in my own experiences in self isolation and also world in general. I just feel we need to journal and blog these times however strange they maybe.

I get though that some people would like to simply forget, and you know that is okay as well. It is a lot too take in and we all process in different ways. 

Stay safe
Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

One thought on “Self-isolation day seven

  1. Dee Gash says:

    I hear you on journaling in these times. I think it will be worth looking back on years from now or even months when we survive this. Also those clouds photos are bomb, I see why you couldn’t choose one; they are all amazing.


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