Journal pages

Current journal page about Autumn of course.
Using old magazines for journal spreads.

I so enjoyed doing these pages for my journal and wanted to share them with you all out there in the blogosphere. As you know by one of my previous posts, I simply adore Autumn, and so why not follow up with an Autumn themed journal spread ? So here it goes…

The pictures are from an old Flow magazine that I cut up and repurposed in my journal. I loved the selfies featuring simply people’s feet and leaves. And thought what a novel way to illustrate my Autumn pages. I am obsessed with feet photos too, and so wanted to this kind of journal spread for ages. I feel like each picture represents a stage of Autumn and how it creeps up on you, very slowly indeed.

The grey background pages also helped set off the whole spread. I really love this Kikki K journal I got ages ago, it is the collection with the funny little cats. And I have seriously been hoarding this particular journal since I got it a few years ago. I always feel right, time right place for things sometimes.

The second spread is from a Flow magazine, where I cut out the picture and then used a word sticker, that said Cherish from my stash. It is thoughts of my day and the world at this point in time. I just wanted to share my journal and style with you all out there in the blogosphere. I know a lot of you are crafty like me and I am always curious of other’s journals, and so why not share with you out there.

I hope to share a blog post about my finished Faith journal next so stay tuned for that ☺☺☺

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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