Self-isolation day twelve

Currently working on my Autumn junk journal today…

Hello to all of you out there in the blogosphere…. I hope you are hanging on and my blessings to you and your family xox

Today I have gotten myself in a routine of sorts…kinda want to kick this self isolation things butt pardon my language. So I pretty much get up and eat breakfast, brush teeth and make my bed. Then get dressed and do my hair..followed by checking emails and my phone in general.

Pretty much stuff I did before like journaling in the morning as well. Now my added things are walking around the backyard garden and getting fresh air…coming in and watching a few videos on YouTube and journal or read my Bible. Morning tea I break and have a cup of coffee outside under the patio and simply breathed in nature and outside world. My sanity you could say.

I may not do it everyday, but I always go outside and wander about just to help me get through this self isolation thing. Today I also worked heaps on my Autumn junk journal, and so happy with all the things I managed to complete in a few short hours. I put in stuff about Covid 19, and how school holidays here will be very different from the norm. But also put in memories of my travels in Devon UK and walking in the woodlands around the village I lived in Petworth West Sussex.

It has helped me gain strength and also remember the world is still good no matter what. My brother and I also spending time together and just hanging out talking and chatting about stuff. My family has become very important to me, even more now than ever.

I talked to my bestie on the phone yesterday and we miss each other a lot, but still many laughs are shared by us. I miss that contact and going out with her and singing along with the radio; ” Bohemian Rhapsody ” at the top of our lungs. But I also know that it won’t be forever, and we will have some stories to tell each other when we see one another again.

We are also having a warm Autumn weather this week in mid 30°c and so roll on rainy days and jumpers please. As I write this I am sitting in front of my fan, and wonder what tomorrow may bring ?

Anyway adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

Working on my Autumn junk journal on my bed…
I love the Autumn hues and tones 🍁🍂
Autumn leaves
Repurposed card…My own words 😆😆😆

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