Cool reflection

This morning I have found myself in reflection of my current situation and world in general. It has been the Easter weekend, and strangely I have been rather quiet. Yes indeed I was going to continue my Self isolation log of sorts, but felt that wasn’t the way to honour Christ dying on the cross. So instead I spent most of Easter with my family, and also reading my Bible as well as just resting, and reflecting over what happened 2,000 years ago.

I also felt that my heart really wasn’t in it anymore, it also had me feeling alone and quite overwhelmed as well. I could see, if I continued going it, would cause me a depressive lapse of sorts. So I put the brakes on and went underground of sorts, it is what I do. I am such an outgoing and extrovert, but at times I need to go within. And so that is why I am back, but no self isolation post.

Update of my life; Currently on school holidays and it has been really hot weather this last week. Nobody is really going anywhere and chilling out at home isn’t soo bad. I have chatted to my Bestie and we miss each other like crazy, but hey it’s not forever. I have finished my Faith journal, which you can read that blog post up now. I have done a bit of journaling as well as in my Bible reading a few things that I want to go deeper into. I have watched A LOT of You Tube videos lately and also Netflixs too.

Anyway Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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