Sorry for the break in transmission…

The wilderness…

It’s been awhile between blog posts, but hey life has been pretty wild out there lately, I don’t think there is really any way to describe these last weeks. I have kept myself, to myself a lot lately, and feel that I finally have to step back into the sunshine again. I have journaled, and I have been reading a lot of scriptures as well. Life seems so unreal indeed, and yet the same time as well normal ?

I guess that I am rambling just a bit, but hey the main thing is that, I am still here fighting strong. Sure I feel somewhat battle weary, but nobody will be unscathed by this pandemic gripping every land and city in our world. I feel that it has brought back our humanity, as well as empathy to others.

The kids start back at school tomorrow here in Perth,Western Australia and life will continue on. Slowly it will get better, but it is a long road indeed we are on, before out of these woods. I see children of Spain outside again, and can not help but smile, for the children will truly be the heroes in all this. They will carry on and so will life itself. I feel we will be forever changed by this experience, but I feel that isn’t such a bad thing at all really.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

See you all real soon 😘

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