Childhood tv shows

The A team tv series

I grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s and so we did not have instant access to tv shows whenever we wanted, as we do now. No you had to wait months when a series finished for the year. One of my favourite tv series was “The A team ” and my brother and I would sit glued to the tv when it came on. I know some people canned it, but to me, a daughter of an Vietnam veteran it showed these men in a good light. Which my Dad did not get until quite recently, but hey that is another blog post I think.

There was a black van and of course Faceman’s corvette, it was fast driving and yes guns, but nobody got hurt and good guys did not always win. It was entertaining and kids all over the world loved it. Faceman was my favourite character, played by my childhood crush Dirk Benedict. But Hannibal, Murdock and B.A were great too, they were like brothers and they helped people.

Childhood crush ❤
The A team

It was fun and silly, we watched it as a family, and being the time of VCRs, we even taped it off the tv as well. It even today is a show that I will watch if needing a little pick me up. Pure escapism and back to a time where despite life, was a time where you felt safe. More innocent times a lot of people call these moments. Golden years where life wasn’t as complicated as it is today.

I find myself watching a lot more of these childhood tv shows, especially in these past couple of months when the world seemed to go a little sideways indeed.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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