Uncommon woman

Fabulous read so far

Currently my favourite book, I am in the middle of reading and sooo enjoying it. So many Ah ha moments, and so much word of God within, to truly help you with being a woman in modern world. As well as being a Christian woman, which often hard to navigate in this world not of our own.

I always feel that things happen in our life for a reason, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This book has come to me in a season of trials, both worldwide epidemic and personal attack. Both which have taught me grace, humility and Faith not only in myself, but others too.

Susie Larson writes in a personal way, but also has a warts and all style, that is refreshing in Christian literature. Her words have help me navigate situations and her empathy runs true through every page she has written. It is a good book to read in our current times, where there is so much uncertainty and fear. Reaffirms my Faith in Heavenly Father above, that you are never alone in this crazy world.

This book I feel also tries to get you to realize, that we as women as a whole, need to stop beating up on one another. We need to support and not tear down, that everyone has their crosses to bear, and that jealousy and petty words don’t solve anything.

So highly recommend this book to all you women out there in the blogosphere.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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