Mad Hatter’s tea party

I feel as if in Kindy and Pre-Primary’s classroom at the moment from a scene of Alice in wonderland. The Mad Hatter’s tea party to be exact, it gets kinda of noisy, and at times chaotic but it all in all good times to be had. I often wonder what it looks like from the outside looking in ? Certainly not for the faint hearted, and definitely takes a certain kind of person to handle the madness of it all.

We have a student teacher in our class at the moment, and I feel if she can handle this class of Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s, then she can teach any class. We did “On the weekend ” writing and I always love the things the kid’s come up with, the beach, movies and party seems to be the main topics today.

Lego has become a hot object to create with at the moment, and some of the Pre-Primarys and Kindy’s creations are shaping up rather well indeed. We have a trolley they have taken over with their works in progress, which they keep adding too throughout the day. Especially during Investigations time, where they go to different stations of activities about the classroom.

We have a few new stations of Cinema , creating own rock stacks and patterns as well as construction vehicles and black rice. Of course the blocks are always popular, you need to keep your wits about you or may end up falling blocks all over the place. I love seeing how their minds work, and they continue to amaze and stun me with their thinking.

Portfolios are coming along for Kindy’s a lot of gluing on marking keys as well as sorting into A3 folios for each Kindy. I am so glad I don’t have to mark them though, definitely Teacher job there. Almost had a riot today when toilet roll ran out in the Girls toliet, but alas was sorted and all well and in order again.

The Kindy’s did animal handprints as well as drawing portrait of themselves for a portfolio piece on light and heavy concepts. Bubbles in warm soapy water to wash hands that the Kindy’s adored. Of course Pre-Primary’s were a little put out they do not always get to have the fun the Kindy’s do, but they had art this afternoon with art teacher, so all good in the end.

Kindy’s had The three little pigs sequence to do as well, as play before the dash for bags, and empty their boxes they keep all their gear in for the day. Just your typical Monday in Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s classroom. Now I will just go to be and start over again tomorrow.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Another day in the classroom…
Blocks …
Cinema new learning area…

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