Lazy Summer’s day…

At the moment I am trying to keep cool. It is going to be a rather hot day here in Perth, Western Australia. And so I am passing the time reading, as well as surfing through Pinterest, and checking out other Blogs on WordPress. Currently off work on Summer holidays and I am just procrastinating a little here and there. I have a ton of journaling ideas to implement, or at least start a list to capture them, before they end up on the ether.

Yes I am rambling just a bit as well..happens when too many things invade my thought space. My anxiety kicks in, and before you know it, I have spent a day doing absolutely nothing. So I thought hey why not write a blog post about such an issue, something different to publish on my Blog.

Currently doing..

I don’t do well in hot weather, much rather be in a cold rainy day, any time. Anyway back to the journaling… Listening to the radio in the background with “Black Velvet” playing an oldie but a goodie just the same. Nothing better than to sing along while writing my blog posts, totally off topic of course. Finally feel like I have my Blogging mojo back as well, the love of writing, for writing sake, and not simply filling pages of a notebook, but real writing and blog posts to publish. Nothing better than feeling at all, a blogger on an mission so to speak.

Summer nights..

Days of heat seemed to have abated for awhile today, the very last day of 2020. Never thought I would ever get there, but here we are….

Summer nights are great for quiet reflection, and also open windows and sleeping by moonlight. Romantic I guess, but in reality, hot and humid instead and mostly not being able to sleep at all. Hahaha Summertime you got to love it here in Perth, Western Australia.

I guess keeping the Blog real as well, up to date with currently what is going on my life, you could very well say 😁 Oh yes, I have made a list of journal spreads, to do as well this morning before I went out. And so no more procrastinating at all, journal funk completely forgotten and off I ride into the sunset.

Maybe a little quiet prayer…

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Happy New year 2021 🎉🎊

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