Happy 2021

Hello 2021 ..

Well as I woke up this morning… I realized a new year had dawned, 2021 is here finally. We say goodbye to 2020 which was you could say, never a dull year at all. Personally it was a year of change and a lot of growth on my part. A year when I became comfortable in my own skin and haters be damned.

2020 was also the time back in April when the world literally stood still. It is something I will never ever forget, no matter how long I walk this earth. It marked the start of a reboot I like to think, we were brought to our knees and the whole world became one. No one was spared and No one was different, all of humanity stood together.

Goodbye 2020…
Stand out of 2020…

Washing your hands became something of life or death. Social distancing became the new norm, and for a time human touch could literally kill someone. Countries shut down their borders and here in Australia, states were cut off from each other by hard borders. Scary times, but now the new norm.

Rewatching Supernatural series…couldn’t believe my ears..

But now HELLO 2021… like a shiny penny, I do not know what you have in store for me, but hey looking forward to the crazy ride ahead.

I don’t make New year resolutions, instead I just live in the present and see what the future will bring.

So 2021 bring it on …

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

Happy New year to you all out there in the blogosphere…

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