Happy times of day list…

Many little moments make up an entire day…

This blog post was inspired by another one, when talking about happy moments and happy places. I got to thinking what about happy times of the day. And so this blog post is born.

I think everyone has favourite times of the day ? And for those times, maybe tied to memories, or even seasons as well. Maybe early morning, during summer time, because with the sun shining, you just want to get up and get out of bed. And to enjoy each moment of a summer’s day, especially since you are usually on Summer break as well. But during Winter or Autumn, you do not usually want to get up early at all. Mostly want to stay curled up in a warm cozy bed. And so I start my very own list, I do adore a list, yes I do 🤣

Early morning sunlight through my blinds, Just kind of teases me out of sleep. But not punch in your face light though.

Morning light…

Quietness of late nighttime. Nobody else awake..total bliss to me for sure.

Quietness of late nighttime…

Sunday afternoon no matter the season, cozy time of day.

Lazy Sunday journaling…

Late afternoon sunshine from bathroom window as I take a shower. It always captures my heart, everytime.

Late afternoon sunshine..

Rainy day walks, with hot tea and comfy slippers at the end of it. No matter what time of day, lovely to get warm after walking in the rain.

Rainy day walks…

Jumping in leaves, Autumn leaves sunshine so good, cooler than hot summer sun.

Autumn leaves…sunlight
Spending time with the Lord..early morning moments….

Early morning Prayer journaling is another favourite time of day for me.

There are many more I could include, but maybe I could write another blog post in the future.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Happy Blogging 💖💖💖

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