Rainy days notes

Rainy days window views….

Today has been on and off a very rainy day indeed, so lovely to awake with the sound of rain upon the roof. I can not think of a better way to be woken up with. Saturday is my sleep in and get dressed and breakfast at a slower pace than the rest of my week. Weekends in general are chill out zones, two days to have not a care whatsoever.

Today I wrote in my journal, and also did a bit of collage in the pages as well, it helps me focus and open up my creativity from weekday zone. It is also funny what comes to you journal wise when you aren’t focused on it so much. My journaling isn’t planned, more organic than that, and works really well for me that way. I hate forcing writing, because I only end up messing it up, or getting totally frustrated with the whole thing.

I feel throughout the years my writing and journaling as well have developed beyond my wildest dreams ever. I have learnt so much from other’s as well as from myself too. I have learnt to trust myself more, and my process of writing. It’s loud and brash at times, but always honest, funny and kind. I find it hard not to wear my heart on my sleeve, because it is simply who I am, and you know what I am through apologising.

One of my very own journal spreads….

Rainy days are great to also curl up with a good book, I also caught up on some magazines I have been reading all week. Country Living, Flow, Breathe and Planet Mindful are a few of my favourite ones. I also love to watch 9 Now and SBS on demand to help those stuck inside blues. Reading is a big part of my life and helps me to wind down from every day life.

Magazine catch up…

It’s been awhile since I wrote in my Blog, and I truly forgot how much I have really missed it. It has been a saving grace throughout Lockdown last year when the whole world went into total shutdown. It is also a place just for me to blog about everything and nothing at all. Blogging is truly a very satisfying hobby though, and I love creating new and insightful posts to share with you all out there in the blogosphere.

Rainbows come after the rain….

Saturday morning has turned into arvo for me and rather chilled out one at that. I sit in my bedroom and write these words, and think how grateful I truly am. Curled up in a crochet rug, all snug as a bug, I am going to read a little more after this blog post is done.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day….Rainy or sunny skies….

3 thoughts on “Rainy days notes

  1. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Enjoy the rest of your day/weekend! It was neat to read about your writing process, how it’s organic and how the ideas flow from creativity verses forced writing. Does arvo mean afternoon? (I googled it. Just wanted to make sure. Hadn’t heard it before.) 🌧️📖

    Liked by 1 person

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