Faith journal time

Verse mapping….

As most of you know, I have a Faith journal which helps me along my path of not only faith, but renewing my commitment to God. I am on I think my Fourth one already, and they have only gotten better and better. Here is a little look of my latest one, and all the things I have been journaling about.

Please enjoy ….

Highlighters and Faith journaling go together….
Breaking down scriptures…

I have started to Verse mapping, and it is not as hard as I first thought it would be, in fact it has helped opened my eyes more to the verse than ever before. Here I was letting my fear of failure, or not wanting to try, cloud my enjoyment and path to a greater understanding the Lord more. It simply takes that one little step and off I go into better understanding my Faith.

Verse mapping…

Above is my first go, and I really loved defining the words in other languages, as well as writing a verse in a couple of translations and then pick common words and theme. The deeper you go, the more you understand greater, what is been written and what it means. I feel that I will now go back and verse map other verses of the Bible, because it has really opened a new world to myself.

I love to learn new things and also despite being fearful at sometimes, I wonder why I did not do this before. My Faith journal is truly coming along and I love adding all sorts of faith related things into it. It blooms like a flower and like a keen gardener I tend to it lovingly and crafting it as it goes along.

I am so glad to have started one a couple of years ago. Never looked back and can not wait to where it will take me next. My Faith journaling is organic in the way it develops in it’s own way. I try not to plan too much, just sees what’s in my heart.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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