Little moments…

Rainy days….

Today has been a rather wet and windy kind of day, for August and I feel that I have only just thawed out. Wet weather here and there, meant kids juggling play time between showers and even hale at one point. It became quite a talking point in our classroom amongst kids and Teachers alike.

The Lego came out, and every body became engrossed in building just about anything out of the colourful brick blocks. There was little guards arming the doors, with running comments about the weather and how much it rained.

My Kindy kids are fascinated by the weather and so any rain is an event to be talked about and discussed by all. No matter if it is an random guy who is just checking our fire extinguisher and fire blanket. You never know what they can bring to the knowledge of a Kindy kid’s mindset.

These little moments mean so much to me as an Education assistant in a Kindy/Pre-Primary room, the kids had a great day, even though the weather was pretty awful indeed. They did cutting and learnt about heavy and light, as well as just being able to be children. They also were really brave and not really upset by the weather at all. Just another day in our classroom you could say.

Rainbows and showers…

Gotta love my classroom of little people 😍😍😍

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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