Gardening notes

Bottle brush delight …

I love the fact even though here in Perth Western Australia, we are still in flux of season. Days that are rainy, and other days were it’s mid twenties in temperature. Most of all I love spending more time outside, in the garden, and under those amazing blue skies of ours.

I love weeding, even though it may seem rather boring to most. It gives me time to really ponder my thoughts as well as too just be me. No fancy hair, or make-up, just simply me. No thrills, and no fuss what so ever. Boring comfy pants and top 😘

I just zone out and listen to the world around me. Breeze in the trees and birdsong all around me. Nature at her best you could say, no stress just a lot of rest. I also feed refreshed by getting my hands dirty and in the earth as well. You also feel like you have achieved something as well, when the garden is cleared of weeds and looks so inviting.

Spring colours…
My favourite daisy bush….

I feel being out in the garden that flowers are blooming, which makes me smile even more. I also get to spent time with my Dad out in the garden, the front garden where we made it a couple of years ago. That at the moment is precious time indeed.

I always smile whenever I am in the garden, a place of quiet reflection and just being me, myself.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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