Journaling notes

Started drawing again…

My journaling has been very much part of my life and world lately. I am finding that I need to spend alot more time journaling. As well as spending time decorating it and just losing myself in all that creative space. My life at the moment is quite hectic and at times interchangeable, where as my journal always remains the one thing I can rely upon. A place I can go to and just spend time gluing pictures in, or choosing washi tape, or stickers to use.

Inspiration from Pinterest images…

Lately I have been drawing again, and it all started with these two pictures I saw on Pinterest and Instagram. I thought I would include them in my journal pages, so I could see where my inspiration came from. It has lead me to try out more drawings and see where it goes from there. I am not sure if I want a sketch journal yet, but hey maybe I do ? We will see how it all pans out you could say.

I’ve finished a few journals these past couple of months and rather proud of myself for achieving that goal. Sometimes when I am not get mentally, I stop writing, but I have refused to let myself do that this time. Because I know I need these times to create so very much, it helps me process so very much. And it is cheaper than therapy.

Journaling spread….

Colourful pages and just gluing stuff down is so restful and chill out past time to do, I also love documenting my daily, everyday life. And not just keeping journaling for special moments, because let’s face it, what is truly normal now ?

Hope to see you all out there in the blogosphere real soon.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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