Freo moments

One of favourite places…
Holiday selfie…
View of Culleys

Today had lunch at one of my childhood favourite places, although the original Culleys is gone the history remains. It still has those black and white photos of a begone Freo many of us remember fondly. And yes you can get Chai latte, but also the famous horseshoe roll never goes out of style. Well certainly not to this Freo girl writing this blog post. Culleys will remain a fond memory no matter how it looks.

I kinda found like coming home when I walked in today. Same old faces and people I grew up with. I will always remember Mr Culley used to get old telephone books for me to sit on the chair. And as a young girl I was safe with the waitresses who worked there.

The horseshoe roll tasted the same and that really is a comfort to me. After an interesting year and other moments that have tested me greatly. It was super wonderful to be somewhere, I felt home. Where I truly belonged again.

It may of turned grey as the changeable September weather turned rainy from lovely blue skies. But I left the cafe feeling on cloud nine you could say. I think I have found my new place to go back and journal away next time.

Images care of @culleys1925

Fremantle may change, but Culleys still remains a fixture within the community. A place I grew up from a baby to young woman, and I now return too yet again. Thank you Culleys for always being there to guide my way.

I highly recommend their horseshoe rolls and pies all made by their talented bakers. A must for any tourist in Perth, Western Australia for sure.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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