Monday serenity

Kindy artists….


This Blog post was from a couple of weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣

Monday is almost over, but despite that Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s in the classroom had a great day. They were budding artists and drew a bird, after listening to the story of how the bird got it’s colours. One of my favourite dreamtime stories, with vivid colours and great story too.

Then the paints came out, and all the colours truly sang, with the way only Kindy’s can paint. No rush, just a few strokes here and there. Working with small children, you learn to be very patient, and you CAN NOT ever rush a child painting. They can become more temperamental than any well known artists. You will get the death stare…only known to small children when you cross the line, or happen to rush them.

The birds looked absolutely amazing, unfortunately due to privacy reason and ethics I can not show them to you. But they LOVED the project anyway.

I am slowly getting them to take more risks and just have a go at things. It does my heart proud when their whole face lights up when they finally take that unknown leap. They realize they had the power to do it all along. Trust is hard at times with even the Kindys kids. Once earned you are forever cherished person to them.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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