The little things….

This makes me smile…

I just published a blog post a few moments earlier and this came up on my phone. It really and truly made me smile, I felt heard and motivation to continue my blogging posts. It is so funny the little things that can truly make your day, or make you smile.

Very true indeed 💙💚💙

We are all little children deep inside ourselves. And sometimes we forget all we truly ever want is to be seen and heard. Nothing more or less, to be unique and just us. When the right person sees you, you do glow from within. Your light shines from within your soul.

This is really an off the cuff kinda blog post, one that I didn’t know that I had to write. But it was put on my heart and so all of the words have come pouring out. Maybe deep, and maybe just words, but they mean so very much to me regardless.

The best blog posts are truly writing from your heart and from your own personal experience.

Little notes to yourself to read when you need them most.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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