Bloom it is your season…

From my Faith journal pages…

I was simply journaling within the pages of my Faith journal, when I had the thought, why not share this discovery or breakthrough with you. I have had this coloured in page tucked in my Faith journal for a few weeks, and today I felt moved to put these words upon it. Then journaled my heart and soul out on the back, it was pure, simple and awe inspiring at once.

On one level I am celebrating the new season of Spring, here in Perth Western Australia. And yet on the flipside, I am celebrating my new season of my own life. My life in spirit and in Christ, which truly got me to thinking maybe I should share this all with you in the blogosphere. Maybe you feel it too ? Do you feel a change from deep within yourself ? Do you feel like a switch has been flipped on ?

I feel a calm, but also that despite it all. It will surely be okay. Nothing will hurt me, or destroy me, because I know I am loved and protected. I don’t know, call me crazy, but you can not deny the stuff that has been happening a lot lately. The whole world seems a little strange indeed.

Journaling messy writing and all..

I feel I need to clarify somewhat, what I really mean. My Faith has brought me great comfort and a whole lot of strength lately, and more so I feel that I am finally on the right path. Little signs have told me, yes keep on going Kylie, this is your season to truly shine. After some time thinking what am I doing ? It is refreshing to finally see what I am heading for.

After a season of darkness and so being lost, I feel now my season is only light and sunshine, of being found. Yes there will be always challenges in my life, in anybody’s life that is for sure. But it is what you do with those trials and setbacks that truly show your character and strength. You need not greet negativity and hate with the same in return. Nothing puts off anybody more than greeting them with a smile instead of bitter words. I have learnt that lesson a lot in the world.

I feel in our DNA is something quite special indeed, yes cells, but also the building blocks of life. God’s fingerprint upon us all. We all go through seasons for a reason you could very well say, sometimes it isn’t always clear at the time. Maybe never clear to you, but sometimes it just hits you, the blinkers come off and crystal clear you see the reason why.

Sorry of the ramble there, I do get quite carried away with my blogging at times. I forget that this goes out there in the blogosphere for all to read and see. I just simply want to be heard and seen I guess. Kinda of like everyone else is the world.

I welcome the Spring of my life and season too, wet rainy day and all. Negativity need not apply.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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