Spring clean yet again…

My trolleys need a declutter

That time of year again, the great SPRING CLEAN of 2021 ğŸ¤£ğŸ˜žğŸ˜±

Every year I clean and declutter somewhat, it usually comes over me like a tidal wave, and I end up like t the Tasmanian devil spinning in circles. Pretty much everything ends up turned out and tossed around, in the hallways and front room. I simply go mad with cleaning, usually because I am tired of tripping over something or the mess as gotten on my nerves. Then it is all on for young and old, drawers emptied and cupboards opened.

Cyclone Kylie is usually what my brother calls me. But it sure feels better when you see the trash gone, room to put stuff away and tidy room once more. Note I am a crafty artsy person who has a serious problem with my stash getting out of control. Probably more craft stash than any other possessions I own. And that is a fact.

Magpie…bright colourful shiny the better…

I am quite a magpie with collecting craft and art supplies and please do not mention my love of stationery supplies as well. Back to school sales always catch my eye, hence the reason for declutter of Raskog trolleys. I always find I need to give myself some time to declutter said trolley, because unpacking trolley leads me to find things, which leads me to become distracted, and then feel like Christmas day with all I find. Because these trolley have special powers indeed, do not be fooled, they hold so much stash you are bewildered and amazed just what is in your trolley shelves.

Then you want to look into boxes and into containers because something catches your eye. Stickers you forgot about, but suddenly need fall out too meet you. You end up being distracted to journal in your journal and before you know it, the day has gone, and you are faced with a mess worst than a bomb blast. Where does it all go ? Do I really need three of those sticky notes or planner stickers ?

Could it be possible that maybe the lost gardens of Babylon have been found in my humble Raskog trolleys. No way, maybe ? No just kidding. Then after declutter and piles of stash, some to go to Op shop in our local area, rubbish and to keep. You have a wonderful clean trolley.

As well as had a great time playing with all of your craft and art stash. Tidy until next time at least.

Just a little bit better…

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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