Wheels on the bus

Not actual bus I took, but you get the picture 🤣🤣🤣

There is something about a bus ride that simply can not compare with anything else, on this green earth. Usually I have my tunes to listen too as I travel, but yesterday I forgot my earphones, so I found this was okay, and I had plenty of sights and sounds to see out the bus window. Daydreaming as well helps pass the time, although I just found staring at the sky or buildings going by just as interesting.

Travelling by bus has never been a problem for me, used to do it as a kid with my Mum as well as when I went to high school and work. I find it helps me pack a lot of reading in as well, or drawing, I find writing a little more challenging with all the bumps and corners. Except if you are blogging on your phone, then that can be easier in a moving bus.

I love watching the houses go by and kinda wonder who lives there, and what the inside of the house looks like. Of course properly right off the mark, but it is a fun way to pass the time on the journey. To me the sights and sounds mean more than my actual destination most of the time. Hence the reason why I love to travel by bus or train. You see the little missed areas, forgotten on motorways with boring barren nature strips.

I can see why children enjoy it too. People getting on and off, the bus stopping and bell ringing. What is not to like ? I know it isn’t for everyone. I know some people just don’t like traveling by public transport, but to me it is like an old friend. Long ago childhood memory that comes to me whenever I get on a bus or train. To me that is priceless indeed, nothing could ever compare to childhood memories at all.

Buses in Perth, Western Australia…
Great memories London red buses…

I loved traveling in UK where I got to go on a real red double decker bus in London. I couldn’t stop smiling for a week after that, such an iconic image of London for sure. I also traveled on double decker buses in and around West Sussex where I called my home in UK. Rolling green hills and fields of hay as far as the eye could see, so loved my bus trips in the countryside.

This bus ride was closer to home, Garden city in Booragoon to Fremantle, not as glamorous but still scenic enough. Flashy houses and views of wharf at Freo docks too all on the cards. Sunny day with many white fluffy clouds along for the ride. I couldn’t keep up with there many forms and number. I simply stared and daydreamed a little bit more. As streets went by old and new houses in one whole street. Federation, mid-century, modern and then mish mash of all styles above.

Houses as far as eye can see..

Time past, but not really if that makes any sense at all. I felt as if in a bubble where time is neither fast or slow, somewhere in between them both. I had too many stories and people to put into them, that by the time we got to Freo I was a little sad to stop my bus journey. Alas I had to alight, but good news, I had another bus ride to get home. Sweet moments to daydream a little longer indeed.

Bus rides truly are a way to inspire and help you toss your cares away for awhile at least. What a lovely way to finish a day of shopping solo and having a little me time as well.

Go get a bus…you never know where the journey may take you ? Don’t focus on the destination, just enjoy the ride..

Dream away..

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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