Busy week

As we are in the last term of the 2021 school year, here in Perth, Western Australia, things have started to get real busy. Soon there will be Kindy Graduation and Christmas concert as well, to name but a few things. I love this time of year, because the students have really progressed beyond my expectations and also have grown enough ready for next adventure.

It can be sad, but also so very exciting indeed, for these wonderful individuals leave with so much more. Not young children anymore, but truly formed people with so much promise. Sorry I do get so very emotional and proud Mamma about my students. It is always a pleasure to teach them and my work as an Education assistant at a local primary school is so very rewarding indeed.

Nothing is ever plain sailing at all, always a few bumps along the way, but still laughs and tears too. I guess that is life in general at the moment, some days are truly joyful, and others are beyond painful indeed. But I try to always keep a smile in my back pocket, and a laugh ready to spring forth. Because after all there is always hope and faith in this world. Never do I forget this, or take it for granted either, always grateful and blessed in my life.

I feel exhausted, but it is also a good tired. I feel also a lot better than last week, when I had a bad reaction to the Covid needle. I feel much better in my own head and body you could say. Lots of reading lately and audio books as well, never thought that I would like them, but hey yes I do. Journaling as well, quite a lot actually and kinda lost count how many journals for 2021.

Listening to a lot of my favourite music as well, always love to have a little music in the background. It so helps me think and create as well. Not a real totally silent kinda person at all. Not really quiet full stop you could very well say indeed. I wouldn’t take any offensive at all, never one for quiet voice at all.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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