Blog posts goal…

Aim to post more content…

I am not really a numbers kind of girl, not unless it has got to do with carats in a diamond ring. But I have been reassessing my Blog and goals to make more of an effort to write more. I have no excuse, as my social media scrolling will attest too. So why not put that added effort in developing my Blog further.

So I write this as a kind of accountability when I end up lost on Instagram for hours, researching as I loosely call it. Insert quotations marks right here folks. I think sometimes you need to own your mistakes whether they are painful or just down right silly. You need to put your hand up and say, yes sir that was me.

I know that it is achievable for me to do, look how many journals I have filled up this year ? A lot and so why not now focus on my Blog as well. Think of what I could achieve ? Both professionally as well as personal as a writer. It is doable if I switch focus from wasting time to using it in more effective ways.

So here it goes out there in the blogosphere.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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