Anne of Green Gables

I recently reread the classic children’s book Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery, beloved by myself and a lot of young people around the world indeed. I can not put my finger quite on it, but I feel it is Montgomery’s lyrical almost poetic style of writing. And Prince Edward island sounds so heavenly indeed, in any season at all.

I love how Anne’s character evolves through the book and the countryside, itself becomes another full character as well. The seasons are a big part because it is an agriculture based area, with those beautiful homes that simply make anybody’s heart sing. And I wouldn’t be alone in being the only kid that wanted to run away to Green Gables when I was young.

There is something nostalgic about revisiting an old book, comforting and knowing the ending, but still enjoying the journey nevertheless. Reading has always been an escape, but also a place to learn so very much. I have always been a very inquisitive natured child and now adult. I love to learn and ask questions about everything and anything.

I also get joy out of reading old classic children’s books, simply put they transport me into another world. Since I was reading it, my Mum brought me another copy of it to enjoy the book all over again. I even re-read Little Women quite recently and simply enjoyed the simple life lead by the women.

Hopefully lead to a summer holidays of classic literature books for me. Can hardly wait till next week when school year finishes for 2021.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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