Heat wave

Beach life goals…

Yesterday was over 40°c in temperature, after many days over 35°c…just the beginning of Summer here in Perth Western Australia…

Welcome Summer 2021 😊😊😊

No beach for me, but at least aircon in classroom so just as good. All the little kids were so hot and it really was an even warmer night. So glad getting to end of school year, and so rock on summer weather.

Cool off in ocean…

I can not wait to enjoy Christmas break and just hang out with family and friends. Chillax and read or just daydream a little. Summertime can be brutally hot here in Perth Western Australia, but it also a great state to travel around and enjoy outdoors.

Enjoy surf, sand and blue skies…

I feel so very lucky to live in a place with so much sunshine and light. A place where we can enjoy fish and chips as well as walk along the beach or river. Simple things, that cost nothing, but make memories that are pure gold indeed. Especially for years to come, more precious than any material things could ever deem to be.

Alas back to my blog writing I go, so many more ideas to write about and post over the coming weeks and months of Summer.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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