Focus Blog 2022

Writing a Blog …

Lately I have been a little off with my blog posts and writing them in general and so it is here I am going to get back on the horse so too speak. No excuses or reasons why, just simply start anew, just blog as I know how and about stuff that truly fuels my life. Focus Blog 2022 I think I will call the project and simply go from there, hook, line and sinker.

Even though I run this Blog from my smartphone, you would think it would be so easy too simply tap out a Blog post daily ? Well I have found no not so easy, you need to truly focus and put time into it and not think it will run itself. In the age of social media, you are only good as your last Blog post or Instagram photo. Sadly if you don’t put yourself out there you simply fade away into the Blogosphere. All those things aside, I do not want to fade away and so I am going to do something about it. I am going to write a Blog and make it my goal to carry it out. Hold myself accountable if I don’t do it and make no excuses.

Blogger goals
Focus on what I know and love…spreading hope and love through my Blog
Showing you all the world through my eyes

Writing about daily happenings and of course the job I love being an Kindergarten Aide at the local school, my passion and purpose in life. Being a teacher of next generation of children coming up. I guess this post is sort of a note or memo to myself about what I want to do Blog wise in 2022. Because I love to write stories about my everyday life, and my whole point of having a Blog was to write what I wanted very much to write. No pressure and at times, no rhyme or reason to tell the truth.

We live in interesting times indeed and I have always loved to document my life and also the world around me. Think of all what we write now will be seen in history book too in the future. Many not even written yet. Strange but all so very true I imagine, but so very normal to future generations not yet born.

Sticky note idea wall

So now I am going to brainstorm blog post ideas and yes that mean lots of colourful sticky notes to use.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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