Missing my Students…

Today being Christmas day, I think of all my students over the year, and think how grateful I am to know these wonderful individuals. I hope their Christmas is wonderful and that they are happy. I also miss them heaps, a classroom of children is where I belong, even though I am enjoying my Summer holidays. Part of me thinks of my class full to the brim with children all individuals and can make me laugh so very much.

Saying goodbye to a class of Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s every year does hurt just a little. They feel very much my children, even though they aren’t blood related. I enjoy nurturing them into these amazing people I know they always could be.

This year I also said goodbye to some year 6 students who I have known since they were around 2-3 years old. Before I worked as an Education assistant at a local primary school fulltime. I ran a playgroup and I was so very proud of these students. A few tears were shred, but happy ones as well. I know they will become amazing in their high school careers.

I think every teacher goes through that loss of classroom of students. At least the promise of new children will be good. I know too my students will always come back to me, and that lessens the letting go. Besides teaching is about always change and flexible, it is also about meeting the new head on. And I do love a new challenge indeed.

Holiday time
Classroom times…

And so I reflect on the year and the students I have taught and miss them, but also grateful for the time now spent with my own family and friends, just being able to chill out and relax for a couple of weeks. Catch up on my blog posts right here and just take time out, simple things really and truly .

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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