Silent Night…

Amazing documentary…

I just watched an amazing documentary about the origins of the song Silent Night, I thought why not watch something meaningful on this day, Christmas day. And I was not disappointed, it showed the way this song has truth and meaning all over the entire face of this world. Whether you are Christian or not, everyone knows this very simple, but all so beautiful song. It marks Christ’s birth, but also the light that transfixed the world. Many in this documentary talk about the song beaming light into their very soul. From such humble beginnings in the Austrian alps, into a song known the world over. I came away feeling so very uplifted and joyful, almost like many said it was quite heavenly sent.

The Author of the simple poem, wanted to hear God’s voice, instead he was met with silence. It was only when he went to Austrian alps and look up to the night sky with so many stars, did he finally get the message. For stars are glorious but make no sound at all, it was then he realized the silence was where God had met him. He wasn’t ignoring him at all, but showing him in silence is light and beauty. I never knew all of this, I knew it was first written in German, but not everything else. It made my heart truly sing in praise. The simple things are where God meets us face to face.

The lyricist was Joseph Mohr and the composer was Franz Xavier Gruber, and in German it is “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht”. Mohr wrote it to help his congregation who were suffering great poverty, sickness and hunger, after their country had just come out of a war. It truly is heaven sent I believe wholeheartedly.

The chapel where it began..

When they showed the chapel where it was first sang, I noted it was small, simple and quite bare of riches and fancy dressings. This stood out to me, made me see that the song Silent Night was what needed to be heard, in a place where simply the words and melody would wow people as it did. It didn’t need anything added to it at all, perfectly complete as it was.

It has to be one of favourite Christmas songs as a child, and even more now as an adult. I recently lost my Great aunt, and I heard this song in Church the Sunday after she passed away, and it made me cry, but also realize she was thinking of me. It is pure light as was said time and time again in this documentary, and I believe yes it definitely is so true indeed.

It was a meaningful way to celebrate a sometimes over commercialised holiday, back to it’s very roots. In the world today, don’t we all need a little LIGHT to shine through.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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