Sunny Freo

Currently enjoying a roast beef horseshoe roll and spearmint milkshake at Culleys1925 in Freo, and enjoying the rather bright sunny day. I had to pop to Freo to pay off some bills and pick up a few things, and then got to play, walking around Target and Red dot looking at all the pretty things around. Mainly art supplies, especially for an art project I have in mind to do this week. Well start it anyway, I am currently sitting after eating a delicious horseshoe roll, and thought why not start writing a blog post, while I am sitting here looking out the window.

Window view
Lunch 😍😍😍

One phone call later to my brother…

More about the art project, my bestie had a new granddaughter and so I have been meaning to do an art piece for her. My only brief is Autumn colours which her daughter loves, and so off I went to Red dot and got a canvas and a few other bits and bobs, of course pretty like Narnia and got completely sidetracked. All the lovely art supplies and crafty things you can’t help but look at.

Day trip to Freo also always makes me think of the seasons too, Summertime trips usually mean touristy things like Bather’s beach and the Round house as well a lot of artsy photos. While today won’t be as artsy it will be as always an adventure indeed.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox And hope you have a great day xox

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